The Grier Forensics Science Team performs advanced research in computer science & security, inventing revolutionary technology to make computers secure. As the Science Team Administrator, you'll support the team and help it fulfill its mission. You'll manage the non-scientific tasks for the team.

You'll help build the team, managing the recruitment and hiring process. You'll cultivate relationships with universities and other partners, helping to hire their graduates or collaborate on joint work.

The team has ambitious goals. You'll track progress and ensure tasks don't fall behind. You'll own the team's schedule, from daily appointments to major yearly milestones. You'll check in with all team members regularly. If they need help, you'll get the right person involved. If they're struggling, you'll find out why. And, when they excel, you'll make that known and celebrated.

You'll ensure the team has the resources it needs. If they need something we don't have, you'll request a budget and obtain it for them.

As the team's administrator, you're not expected to be a scientist yourself. But you must appreciate their discoveries, represent the team to the outside world, and do whatever's needed to help them accomplish more.

What We'll Expect From You:

  • You make sure things get done properly and on time
  • You track details, schedules, progress and problems
  • You take initiative: you solve problems without needing others to tell you how
  • You're comfortable working with universities, scientists, and researchers
  • You can break ice and make people feel comfortable
  • You value computer science and security and are excited to be part of an elite team
  • You get satisfaction from enabling others to accomplish great things

What You Should Expect From Us:

  • The opportunity to be part of a top-notch team doing amazing things
  • A supportive and collegial work environment that values you as a person and as a professional
  • Flexible schedule & logistics
  • Highly competitive compensation and excellent benefits, including health, retirement, vacation, insurance, and whatever resources you need to do your job

Grier Forensics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.